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Our https://www.edujobpre.com/ (Education And Job Preparation) The first and foremost goal of this site is to share educational topics and publish important educational topics for students or job applicants on a daily basis. We share information that is open to everyone. What is written on this site is written by the admin of this site based on his own and true information. The site admin is "Md Aurn Nafiul" who always shares educational topics for everyone. This site has a "Youtube" channel and Facebook page. The main purpose of each action of the admin is to highlight the educational issues. In addition to the educational topics, other topics are highlighted on this site. The first and foremost purpose of the site is to help all students with Result, Circular, TopNews, Education and Suggestion. Every piece of information on the site is accurately expressed and anyone can gain knowledge from it. The journey of this site has started from 2020. This site searches for the best Result, Circular, TopNews, Education and Suggestion information for everyone and writes information and makes it open to everyone. Suggestions for regular candidates are created and beautifully customized on this site, from which the candidates can easily acquire a fair amount of knowledge and they are very important for them. Because, they can get knowledge from these and practice before the test.

The site admin "Md Aurn Nafiul" himself is a student and he serves other students as a student. Below is the admin details:

About Us Page/ Education And Job Preparation/
Md Aurn Nafiul


Md Aurn Nafiul
19 years
Md Sabuj Islam
Radhabari Mondol Para Roaad,
 Panchbibi, Joypurhat, Rajshahi,
 Bngladesh, Post Coed: 5910(BD)

Studious at SA Collage, Gubtoli, Bogura (HSC)
 (SSC From Panchbibi LBP Govt. High school)

Hopefully you have got a rough idea about the site from the above. The site has some "Privacy Policy" and "Trems And Condition" that you can find out. In addition, you can contact us directly through "Contact Us" in case of any need. You can also find out the details of the site from "Disclimer" "DMCA" and "Copyright Notice". Find out more about the site from the "Sitemap" page, where the site is, and how to use this site.

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