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What are the duties of student life?

The first and foremost responsibility of a student's life is to carry on his regular studies properly. But there are many more responsibilities and duties besides studying in student life. A student can master these things and move forward on the path of improvement in his life. Today we will find out what kind of responsibilities and duties a student can master to improve his life. Student life is a life that can be successful for the future life if you work a little harder in this life. In addition to studying, a student can do a lot for his nation and society. By loving the nation and society, a student can gain a lot of glory by dedicating his life to the country. The main topic of today's discussion is, in addition to studying in student life, we can bring about our own development through all the social activities. So if you read the discussion today very well, you can gain a lot of knowledge and move on to another path for future life. The things that are similar to tod…