When SSC result 2020 will publish?

One of the tensions among all the SSC candidates of 2020 is when the SSC results will be released. The SSC exam was originally held from the 3rd of February and every student who completed it has their passion for when the results will be released. Around 17 lakh students from across the country take the SSC exams and everyone is expected to get their results. The topics related to today's discussion are:

  • When will the SSC result be released in 2020 th BD?
  • On what day will the SSC result be released in 2020 th bd?
  • What is the pass rate in SSC in 2020 th bd?
  • When will the results of all the boards be released in 2020 th bd?
  • When will the Madrasah result be published in 2020 th bd?
  • When will the results of the Technical release be published in 2020 th bd?
  • When "Education Ministry Bangladesh " will publish ssc result in 2020 th?
  • When "Education Board Bangladesh " will publish ssc result in 2020 th?
  • When "https://educationboardresult.govt.bd/ " will publish ssc result in 2020 th?
  • When "All Board Bangladesh " will publish ssc result in 2020 th?

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SSC 2020 result publish date (All Board Bangladesh)

There have been many criticisms of SSC Result Publishing 2020 in the Education Minister's Office. However, the 2020 SSC result is expected to be released from the first week of April to May. The SSC result is very likely to be published between May 3 and May 7. Unless there is a lockdown, the release of the results in April may be like every other time. The results will be released at this time, said Education Minister "Dr. Dipu Moni". He further said that although it is not possible to publish the results at the right time for some reason, SSC results will be published between May 3th to 7th.

SSC 2020 result publish date Madrasah and Technical.

The results of the SSC 2020 board exam will be published as well as the results of the technical and madrasa boards. The results will be available online at "Education Ministry Bangladesh" from 12 noon on the same day. As a point of view, we will also see the Secondary Result Madrasah Board of 16222 from the same time as Polytechnical.

What is the pass rate in SSC?

Due to Lockdown SSC exam papers are being hardened at home. The Education Ministry correspondent said this year's pass rate was only 81 percent. This year the pass rate in SSC is much lower than in previous years. GPA Five does not have levels. Due to the small number of GPA Five, this year's result rate is very bad.

Learn more about SSC 2020 Result Publishing.

SSC exam results are usually released at the end of April every year. That's what happened every year. But due to the lockdown, all educational institutions and offices are on leave, the "Ministry of Education" has assured that the results will be released in the first week of May. Although the government is expected to release the results by April this year, the government has postponed it. They point to the context of lockdown as a cautious reason. This problem has arisen due to the closure of all educational institutions in Bangladesh for some time. Therefore, the Ministry of Education has confirmed that SSC will release Result 2020 within the first week of May without any problems. They also said the fastest results can be found on the Addiction Ministry site and using the number 16222. At home we can take our test results using the "Education Ministry's" site. We have all been benefitting from the government for a long time because of their technological improvement. It is the same way we expect to see the results at home.Creativity in the field of education has not been able to produce very good results this year due to new updates, the Education Ministry said. Approximately 81 percent of the side rate and 19 percent of the fails. The GPA Five is only 1.5 percent of the list. Out of a thousand students, 15 got GPA five at home. So when we look at the past years, we think the results of this year are very weak, ”said the Education Ministry.Looking back over the past year, we can see that the pass rate for SSC exams has dropped significantly this year due to compatibility. The government blamed the weakness of the students for the cause. But when we take comments from the students, we find that the Ministry of Education has brought a lot of updates to the students as the students have become very weak in this regard. The government is worried about the SSC 2020 issue. Not all offices or office courts and government employees are on vacation because each account is unable to be properly assessed. Many students are doing a lot of bad results because of the idea of ​​the right number. Students are not getting the desired results. Many students will be hurt if the SSC exam is not like their fear. While the education system of the country has improved, in some cases there has been a lot of decline. For a long time, Sheikh Hasina did not know that "Dipu Moni" had made a lot of progress in improving the education of the government.The SSC will investigate the government much better at this level and try to calculate the accounts better. The Education Ministry told him to increase the number of students. In this case, the rate of failure will be greatly reduced. At every moment, the government's steps will be very good for every student.

Here is what we learned:

  • The pass rate in the SSC is extremely low.
  • The rate of 1.5% GPA 5 is extremely low. 
  • SSC Result will be released in the first week of May 2020th.
  • This year's results are worse than last year.

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